About Us

When We Believed Group Photo

 'When We Believed' are a musical duo, born out of the first UK Covid lockdown.  Like their music, they too have a retro past! 

Two guys who played in each others first band back in the mid 90s have, after several different musical experiences, reunited as When We Believed, to write and play their own brand of electronic music.

Their first EP 'Back When' was released in October 2020, with all of the tracks being written without them being able to be in the same room - the various ideas being sent back and forth on Whatsapp, before they were finally allowed to come together in the studio to record.  This debut EP was a retro sounding project celebrating their love of 80s sounds.

In 2021 they could reunite in person to write, arrange and record, and this year you will hear the results.  The first single 'This Way and That' is being released on 4th February 2022.

When We Believed are:

Phil Hulse (right) - Vocals, Guitars, Keys

Darren Palmer (left) - Keyboards, Synth, Piano, Programming

When We Believed really appreciate that you have found your way here.  Now that you have, if you wanted to share or spread the word then that would be more than appreciated too.